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Packaging and Labeling in Marketing

packaging and labeling in marketing
Advertisement is probably one of the most important factors in making a business successful. Advertisement draws customers in through media which thoroughly includes: packaging designs, labeling, and promotions. In marketing, packaging and labeling refers to the entire picture of a business itself. Planning market researches, making outlines for products, and customer interviews are all factors that will lead to a healthy marketing plan in order to lead one business to success. Packaging is a science or technology that involves great deal of art to protect objects or materials that may be futile. In business, packaging plays a very important role in product protection, distribution, storage, and transportation. Packaging also refers to the design and advertisement techniques used in businesses to convey messages directly or indirectly to draw numbers of customers and targets in. However, package labeling is a written documentation provided by businesses with different purposes; labels may be on a product or screened somewhere associated to the product that has topics and issues related to a specific product. Another important factor in marketing is a label. Labels are needed in products and goods to ensure customer their safety. Labels must contain important information essential for use and must direct instructions correctly. A label is a written piece of document, folded small in a box where a product is in or is somewhere near to a product but in a separated piece of paper. A label is also referred to a printed legend containing information concerning a product such as address, date of production, date of expiration, ingredients, and so much more essential for users. A label can also be printed or screened directly on a product; it is also possible that a label can be paper printed or cloth printed.
packaging and labeling in marketing
packaging and labeling in marketing
Main Purposes of Packaging and Labeling
In businesses today, packaging and labeling seems like a legal act. Customers first look at products, their packages, and labels to see if the product is legal, safe, and fine. In an adverts’ point of view, packaging refers to the whole image of a business. If a product is futile and its package isn’t strong enough to hold, in means of transportation, a product can mean nothing. For instance, a business dealing with toys is starting a new project of making kids’ accessories. Packages of these new toys must really look catchy, fashionable, and cute. If packages of these toys are dull and colorless, no one would buy them even if real toys inside are nice and colorful. At this point, businesses not only strive to make profit through product quality. Through packaging, many companies and corporations competed with each other though product quality might drop a little. However, both packaging and labeling have several purposes which include:

packaging and labeling in marketing1. Physical protection- Packages provide safe environments for products that may be futile or suspended.
2. Barrier protection- A thick barrier of oxygen, dusts, and other substances may affect products greatly. With packaging, these substances won’t be able to harm products inside.
3. Agglomeration- If products are high is quantity and are liquidized such as powder, liquids, and flowables, containment or agglomeration will make things easier when it comes to transportation, loading, and packing. 
4. Information transmission- Both packages and labels contain essential information needed for customers. Packages contain mainly information about a specific product such as its name, title, purpose, date, ingredients, and other information that may grab a customer’s attention. Labels include essential information mainly for safety and to make sure a product is legalized. 
5. Marketing- In terms of marketing, packaging and labeling are used by marketers to encourage customers to buy their products. Graphic designs of packages have drawn numbers of customers in lately. Graphic designs, screens, and other forms of new designs are screened on a product’s package to encourage a specific feeling or sensation of a product to convey a message to customers, encouraging them to buy. For instance, a business is selling cookies. The package would be screened with delicious-looking cookies and perhaps a boy smiling with a cookie in his mouth.
packaging and labeling in marketing6. Security- When it comes to security, businesses are all aware of shipments. Packages are made to improve and develop higher security to protect products against pilferage and other damages that might occur. With improved tamper resistance, products can have special features to reduce tampering and indicate them easily. Authenticable seals are also widely used to reduce and minimize package and content counterfeit. Many devices are used to capture products that are being counterfeited. Dye-packs, RFID tags, and surveillance tags are main examples of anti-theft devices.