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Advertising Methods in e-Business / e-Commerce

Advertising Methods e-Business e-Commerce
Businesses and people change as the world we live in changes. Just like climate changes and weather forecasts, businesses have to cope with vast cultural differences of market and target groups as well as meet the wants and needs of people and their target. To promote themselves and make themselves known to the real world, businesses need to advertise themselves through many ways.  As the world changes, more generations seem to appear and make more changes to our beloved earth. As more changes come in, people have to adapt to several changes, otherwise things will tend to be old-fashioned, they say. Businesses have to adapt to many changes; they must have a great ability to fluctuate and they must be very flexible so that adaptation and movement will be easy. In our real world today, media has played a very important role and has become supremely essential for daily lives. Advertisement methods and styles changed as people and their lifestyles change. There are several types of advertisement methods that are well-known and are in use today. With the use of computers, the internet explorer, television, and radios people can enjoy themselves and businesses can use this great medium and opportunity as their way to communicate to billions of people all at the same time.
Advertising Methods e-Business e-Commerce There are many types of modern advertisement methods used by many businesses. The following are the main types:
1. Web banner advertising
2. Bandwagon advertising
3. Promotional advertising
4. Testimonials and endorsements
5. Surrogate Pixel Contextual Keyword
6. Blog advertising
7. Bathroom advertising
8. Mobile advertising
9. Public Relations advertising
Advertising Methods e-Business e-Commerce With the use of computers and the internet, people find great opportunities to shop and do businesses online. More banks operate online and offer various types commercial accounts to support online shopping and e-commerce. With this great opportunity, businesses use the internet and websites as a good medium of advertisement. We banners are usually pasted on websites. They are advertising strips that are designed by graphic web designers and usually come in vertical or horizontal strips. The bandwagon advertising technique is simply in need of propaganda skills. Bandwagon advertising generally focuses on groups or target and manages to bring them all to be obsessed with a single brand. Whatever the product comes out to be like, a brand will bring customers no matter what. Promotional advertising is a technique and a style of advertisement that may costs a lot. This advertisement style uses promotions, freebies, giveaways, and test products to bring customers in. This way, customers can make sure they like the products before purchasing one. Testimonials and endorsements play major roles in advertising and in media as well. Choosing hot celebrities and famous known actors, actresses, and singers can increase the will to purchase products. Popularity plays major roles in businesses today. For instance, a business tries to sell soft drinks. Choosing David Backham, a great football player would be fine choices to draw many customers that are fans of Beckham in. However, in order to select a matching celebrity with a specific product, it is important to observe similarities between them or personalities that will be related to a specific product.  Surrogate advertising is another way of advertising products that are not environmentally healthy. Products like cigarettes, alcohol, and vodkas are not promoted publicly. Instead, businesses have decided to make their brand popular and well-known through big posters and symbols of their product without naming or describing their products. Just by looking at their symbol, everyone knows what they’re selling. Pixel advertising is a modern type of advertisement method that takes up space in websites. Unlike banner ads, their costs are usually higher because the amount of space and pixels they occupy will be calculated and charged. Usually, starting rate is about $1 per pixel, which is considered extremely small when it is placed in a webpage.
Advertising Methods e-Business e-Commerce
Contextual advertising is an advertising venture that allows businesses to advertise their products through the internet. At sides of the screen of websites, it is often seen that many advertisements were placed. Often, these advertisements pay money to a business that hosts up this advertising venture to allow businesses to post their ad words and advertisements. In search engines, these advertisements usually appear on the right hand side of the page. Pay per click or keyword advertising is also a good advertising style that brings customer in through clicking or searching up keyword that matches a product. Blog advertising is the use of blogs to sell or advertise products or services. Mobile advertising or cell phone advertising is the use of messages and inboxes to advertise products or services that will reach customers directly. The last but the most common type of advertising method is public relations advertising. With uses of new technology and a mixture of media, public relations can communicate directly to customers within seconds.
Advertising Methods e-Business e-Commerce