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The Global Production Process

Global Production Process The production process is one of the most important factors that make up a business. Production of goods and finished products are done through operations and progresses within a productivity line. The production process is always needed in all business; they are sometimes physically done and sometimes they are done indirectly through plans and predictions that are based on objectives and aims of a specific business. The production process is simply the process of transforming inputs into outputs, from raw materials to finished products and goods that are ready to be exported or transported to other companies and customers at different locations. The production process involves two types of resources, the transforming resources and the transformed resources. To make things simple, it is just the process where operations and transformations of goods occur to turn raw materials and uncombined parts together to make finished goods and products.

Types of Resources
Global Production Process The transforming resources of a business include those of buildings, capitals, machinery, and human resources that carry out the production process. These objects and human resources work out to carry out operations and processes to make and create finished products through operations of transformed resources which will be at the end of a production line. Transformed resources are raw materials or equipments that are used in a production line to make or create more resources or products that will be at the end of a production line. Any production process or operation in a productivity line is important and essential for a product to be produced. All of the operation processes are linked together in a productivity line. However, as each process goes on, the more value is added to each operation process as products neared the end of the finish line. Adding value, though, requires more money from customers since expenses and costs of production increase. However, customers and consumers will receive better quality products and they would mostly be satisfied with the products. Adding value is not just adding money or costs; adding value to products involve advertising methods, marketing plans, promotion, and distribution of products and public information to make products or services more desirable and persuasive to customers world-wide. It is important for all businesses to enhance productivity and benefits through the production process because it is also another way to draw great amount of customers in.

Types of Processes: Job, Batch, and Flow Processes
Global Production Process A job process or so called “the make complete” process is a style of production process that only involves the creation of single items or products at a time. This type of production style involves one team or operational group only. Job production is quite unique compared to other styles and types of production processes because of its less quantity of operational workers and lesser human resources. This way, everyone has to focus on their jobs and make sure everything is done correctly before passing on jobs to other processes within the productivity line. Businesses like hair salons and department stores might use this type of production process at work. The main benefits of using a job process are that this style of production process involves only one operational system. Since there is a less variety of products produced, customers’ wants, needs, and requirements can be reached easily. It will therefore be very close to what customers want and orders will be specific, not just the matter of quantity but quality will be enhanced. As the work is only focusing on one thing or product, supervision and inspection of work are just relatively easy and simple for a manager to handle. Also, levels of satisfaction between employees and workers might increase to the fact that they all will like working together as a team.
Global Production Process A batch production style is one of the common styles used in many businesses today. A batch production process is simply batches or groups working together to get jobs done before starting the next jobs in the productivity line. This style involves a lot of team work and understanding between employees. The main benefits of a batch process are that it is quite suitable for a wide range of similar products. Different machinery and systems can be used to create different products. It also reduces the need of work force and employees within the process can also cope with massive orders by distributing workloads out equally and work them out together effectively.
A flow process is a continuous process of parts and sub parts that flow from one process to another until it reaches the end of the productivity line. Unites are worked upon each stage and once done, will send word done to the nest processes to continue and work on their jobs. There should be no leakages from the lines and it has to be ensured that standards are met. The main benefit of a flow process is that is works very simple and is easy to control.