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Milk Run and Logistics

With the target of reducing client stock demand, minimize prices, providing daily material flow and creating instant knowledge flow compatible with one another Global Logistics successfully meets logistics wants between main business and suppliers by means that of an optimised Milk Run system.

Milk Run and Logistics
Material and data flow in Milk Run transportation is facilitated in 2 ways: High volume cargo from offer business corporations on to main business and low volume shipments via OMSAN warehouses and OMSAN portal from offer business to main business once consolidation. the method is reversed for empty packaging, following cargo to main business.

This system involves the gathering of actual range and specification of empty packaging from main business and delivery to produce business.

The Milk Run transportation is Delivery technique for mixed masses from totally different suppliers. rather than every of many suppliers sending a vehicle each week to fulfill the weekly wants of a client, one vehicle visits every provider on a daily and picks up deliveries for that client. This way, whereas still 5 vehicle masses are shipped each week, every vehicle load delivers the complete daily needs of the client from every provider. This technique gets its name from the dairy business observe where one tanker collects milk each day from many dairy farmers for delivery to a milk processing firm.