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Logistics Management System

1. Please verify first in first out (FIFO) status of Logistics Management system.
 - System logic can guarantee first in first out in Logistics operation by program testing before implementation.
 - Actual operation first in first out is in the period of verification.
   We’re taking sampling check part in stock area. Check list is generated from database in Logistics management system. This sampling check will be taken twice a week in the beginning. If data is good, sampling frequency will be reduced. But if not the process must be review.
**Remark : But Logistics Management System contain function to print the kanban to attach to the box of part before they’re supplied to stock area. On this kanban will show information of unpacking such as date, time, module no., operator code. By this we can visual monitor part in shelf stock area and judge first in first out status easily.
2. Confirm it has been effective.
- It has been effective because by Kaizen operation we can:
1. Reduce line side stock around 800 boxes.
2. Reduce manpower 2 persons.
3. Reduce towing motor 1 unit.

 3. I agree that you will implement Logistics Management System in your Kaizen plan,
Parts quantity in shelf stock area first, and stock alarm to prevent parts shortage in the line side should be tentative action.
-   For Logistics Management System, it has function to alert operator if stock in free location gets lower than setting.
In current lamp call, we will upgrade by further programming to have it to be able to alert stock that gets lower than setting. Please refer to operation and schedule as following:

Logistics Management

4. How about installing barcode in order to secure accuracy of digital picking system operation?
- For Logistics Management System, we can link signal from electric board unpacking to computer software directly. So operators do not have to select module no. anymore. They only push button ‘Start’, then Logistics Management System will generate address for all parts in that module automatically.
- Current operation, unpacking list contain module no.