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The Milk Run plan borrowed/Ford Logistics Strategy

A formal approach for specifying and reasoning regarding earth-friendly logistics management systems is presented. to scale back fossil fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions ensuing from transport, we have a tendency to should enhance the transport potency of trucks, that play an important role as carriers in trendy logistics services. This article addresses the Milk Run approach. it's one among the foremost effective and common solutions to the current downside, however it makes it's sophisticated to implement during a logistics management system. we have a tendency to propose a language for specifying the routes of trucks and an order relation between the wants of routes and also the potential routes of trucks. the previous is formulated as method calculus and also the latter selects appropriate trucks consistent with their routes.

IN THE past, particularly within the West, milk used to be sold in bottles. The milk would be delivered like this: The bottles would be placed on crates and also the crates loaded during a truck that might visit an area and drop the bottles off outside every house. By the time it completes a spherical of the locality all the bottles containing milk would are disposed of. The truck would then obtain the empty bottles from outside the homes and produce them back to the dairy. The truck would be full guaranteeing that it's utilised effectively in each directions.
The Milk Run plan borrowed/Ford Logistics Strategy
Something similar is what Ford India Ltd will in collecting parts from its suppliers located in numerous components of the country. Ford has entrusted the task of collecting the parts to a logistics partner, TVS Lean Logistics. The logistics partner has came upon hubs in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Daman, Bangalore and Chennai to regulate material movement. These hubs are specific to Ford's demand, consistent with General Manager, Material designing and Milk Run Logistics, Ford India.

Ford has some eighty three suppliers in all, twenty of them based mostly within the North, fifteen within the West, thirteen within the South excluding Chennai, and thirty five in and around Chennai. Ford sources some 750 components from these suppliers, of that vendors in and around Chennai account for as several as 460. Those within the northern region account for a hundred twenty five components, western region ninety five and also the suppliers within the southern region the balance. The logistics partner collects the parts as per the schedule provided by Ford, consolidates them within the hubs and transports them to the plant at Maraimalai Nagar, close to Chennai. Twentythree trucks come back to the plant everyday carrying parts.

An effective track-and-trace Ford Milk Run system permits authentic transit info and vehicle traceability and input of advance cargo notification within the system helps to capture transit inventory, consistent with General Manager. Ford uses the concept of reusable racks, bins and trollies for all components collected from suppliers located in and around Chennai, that represent a significant a part of the domestic provide base. the bulk of those components are directly delivered to the assembly line where only 1 shift inventory is maintained. "Pack integrity and adherence to schedule is ensured by our strategy," says by Ford General Manager.