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Logistics direct and reverse logistics

Logistics consists of a set of tasks repeated several times along the path through which the raw materials are converted into finished products. The markets of raw materials, processing facilities and sales markets are not usually located in the same place. Their logistics activities are therefore repeated many times along the way that, before the finished product may come on the market for sale. Logistics can also intervene in the history of the product, where the same, used, should be returned to the manufacturer for maintenance, repair and / or disposal (reverse logistics)

Logistics direct and reverse logistics,Global Logistics,Logistics Definition The mission of logistics is to provide goods and services to customers, according to their needs and their needs, as efficiently as possible.
According to the definition of Logistics : The mission of logistics is to get the right goods or services to the right place, at the right time, and in the Desired Conditions, while making the greatest contribution to the firm.