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Study Objective of Third Party Logistics

The third party logistics (3PL) business has evolved considerably over the past twenty years, and accordingly, so has this study. What has remained distinctive and consistent over this study’s 13 years is its exclusive concentrate on identifying and tracking key trends and views of the third party logistics industry from the attitude of third party logistics customers. The study also includes the views of these who currently select not to use 3PLs.
Study Objective of 3rd Party Logistics
What has modified is how we tend to found those views as well because the scope of the respondent base. Once completely a survey, the third party logistics study currently includes 3 streams of research: a web-based survey, focus interviews with business experts, and a facilitated workshop. The geographic reach has also expanded; respondents currently participate from North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America similarly as different areas like South Africa and therefore the Middle East. The number of industries coated has additionally increased.
Together, the broad reach and 3 distinct analysis streams enable us to conduct a comprehensive, multi-faceted analysis of attitudes, trends, and results experienced by 3PL users
The overall objective of the Third Party Logistics Study is to explore trends and problems inside the third party logistics business across major business segments and across many numerous regions of the world.
Each year, the study results similarly as bigger business developments counsel trends that warrant nearer examination. Accordingly, the survey, conducted in mid-year, includes in-depth queries about special topics of current relevance and importance. Included within the study are reports on integrated logistics services, green supply chain, and provide chain security.