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Logistics Definition

The purpose of  Logistics management is to produce the finish goods as customer required at the shortest time,at the lowest cost and the highest quality. From Logistics point of view "Stable & Flexible" Logistics can follow Real market damand basis production.In other words, Cyclic, Small lot, Flexible for Manpower supply (to compact production line), so this content will explain the Logistics Definition

Logistics Definition,Global LogisticsWhy logistics should be built?
- The shortest and repeatable time logistics operation.
- Line side space reduction with High frequentcy and Small size lot supply.
- Flexible logistics can follow high production volume and cycle time changing.

Logistics management necessary to be built for control the flow of  material, goods, information and other resources with cyclic between the source of production and the source of consumption in order to respond the requirements of customers. Logistics include the compost of inventory control, information flow, transportation cost reduction,  warehouse management, material handling, and package design, and involve security. Logistics is a channel of the supply chain that adds the value of time and place utility. The main point of Logistics management should be modeled, analyzed, visualized and optimized by company/factory simulation.

Logistics is everything to do with how to manage, control and transport goods, information, and services starting from the very beginning of the supply chain right through to the very end in order to serves consumers’ demand. The management of Logistics consists of the combination of information flow, transportation, warehousing, keeping inventory, packaging and the handling of materials. Presently, Logistics has been embedded into every type of businesses, from the largest corporations down to the smallest corner shops on your street. One can easily assume that no business can run without some use of Logistics.

However, the cost of the operation of Logistics and supply chain management has been the foremost issue for many. The question remains, how can one keep the cost of Logistics as low as possible in order to make the products and services more affordable and to increase one’s profit margin? To solve this dilemma, one needs to be careful at planning, controlling, managing and organizing one’s Logistics and supply chain department. It is common nowadays for many companies to outsource many of the tasks traditionally preformed by this department due to the fact that it is more cost effective and efficient. If we talk about the flow of goods with in Thailand, there are 3 types of Logistics that we focus on; import, export and inland Logistics. Many would argue that the most important type of business that should be encouraged is the export business. However, the flow of goods and services coming into Thailand, especially from the U.S.A. and Europe are moving in the opposite direction. Thai Exports are becoming more expensive while imports are becoming much cheaper nowadays. It is encouraging importing goods and services and discouraging export businesses.
I hope this content can make you more understanding in Logistics Definition