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Transportation Business and Logistics

Logistics is the science is now very old, the military: If the army is bad, but to the needy, he lost the war.
Transportation Business and Logistics
At present logistical problems increased, ie the optimization of the flow of goods, people and information, high on the agenda of policy makers, the traffic through the design study for strong and attract more high-tech means now I have many doubts.

With the advent of the new economy in GDP and employment depend mainly on the effectiveness of services and infrastructure and logistics. It is therefore clear that logistics has become an additional source of value and wealth gains at the micro level, not only companies, but especially at the macroeconomic level, or a better system in this area.

Logistics is the general economic situation, the specialized infrastructure, planning, management and control / negative effects, except for transportation and logistics outsourcing, examine the tools of economic analysis. Logistics is thus mainly due to the economy through goods and services, "logistics" and part of the line of research, the established classical and logistics, finance and administration and the public space and economic fields, particularly in our region.

Optimization models of the classical instruments are not always enough to represent the reality of the logistics decision-making process involved in a variety of topics, often in competition. This would be a fitting algorithms through the application of game theory, the lack of cooperation and logistics processes will be made available .