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Logistics System of a Country

Thus, the two most important factors, two guides and logistics system of a country:
- Intermodal (uniform load), this is a technical transfer of funds, although the use of different modes of transport, handling is not punished;
- The central logic of the radio (the hub and spokes), which reduces the necessary contacts with the exchange of goods and services produced and the negative impact by dispersing.

Logistics System of a Country
While traditional network of centers provides collection and distribution function of an independent party of goods and therefore often overlap in space, requires the logic of the H & S is the concentration of traffic at some points (nodes), the commodity driven peripheral structures (area ), which in turn causes, at home at the end of the shortest path to ground.

Model of the central distribution centers, is generally used for maritime traffic in the same (hub) located along the lines of large ships offer long distance, which, though slow, the spread of the distribution. In maritime transport, this solution is the answer to the need for the owner to maximize the saturation of the large vessels in the logic of the land in question includes the development of two separate rooms of the largest inland port logistics and loading terminals marked. He said, however, provide links to a forum at the central level (LS) to move a lot of products gradually to lower field, near the destination.

If someone believes that the questions and applications for logistics management from the mid 80th Century in the United States and most developed countries in Europe and the party "logistics" an integral part of many industrial processes and many districts allowed (eg Silicon Valley) is to promote full employment, it is desirable that this happens in Italy, requires, in full respect of territorial cohesion and environmental sustainability is a new field of study .