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Third Party Logistics for Green Supply Chain

A significant proportion of 86% of respondents believed that green supply chain a bit "or" very important today, and almost unanimously (98%) is in the belief that green supply chain a bit "or very important to their companies' future. However, the survey questions the ROI, green as a factor in selecting Third Party Logistics models and shows the change in the score.
3rd Party Logistics for Green Supply ChainAbout half of 3PL users are optimistic about the promotion of environmental initiatives, while the other half either uncertain or pessimistic, of course, there is a general uncertainty about how green the supply chain, the participants in workshops and discussion on the approach they feel should be.strong enough to do nothing, nothing is possible, change a green supply chain, the three steps necessary under: education, measures of the company's carbon dioxide emissions and the identification of the forces of change, and take the initiatives to support economic activity. Green initiatives clearly three barriers must be approved economically, environmentally and socially. Green will feature activities in the supply companies, these functions are stored on the basis of Third Party Logistics to achieve environmental goals. Options for environmental supply chain activities in small variations in the process, such as drivers money laundering, capital investments, such as green building distribution centers. Some changes, particularly those who need a better use of transport services, you can do today, often with the help Third Party Logistics. 3PL users in general not to "green" initiatives in supply chain costs do, but they know if the cost shared equally between Third Party Logistics Providers and customers. The pioneers are discovering that
Green projects can achieve cost savings. The final challenge is to find ways to green while reducing costs, increase revenues and improve the environment .