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Logistics Management

From now, I would like to introduce the Logistics management in the company. For Logistics management mission is to improve and development package material/wrapping purchasing volumes. For more understanding the latest situation and activity of Logistics management I explain as detail ;
Logistics Management To enhance package and meterial management, We made an improvement activity step by step for grow up Internal Logistics and Compact company area.  What we  emphasize here? is we will implement visualization/data collection and Regional KPI activity at beginning and we will go forward to target management too. First of all we are just under collecting the data. However, Package material consumption, we are still under preparing data collection method, as the items is so many.
Our scope is all of outsource logistics operations from supplier to our company.
Here the matrix tabal is usefule to show each company’s logistics process and data collection progress. 

We classify data collection status with 4 types.
1. Double circle means complete data collection
2. Single circle means partial data collection
3. Triangle means you have logistics process but not yet grasped
4. Center bar means no logistics area

Currently, we grasp most important process out of total more than 100 process
And break down calculation method for grasping area. After that summary Logistics report. The report composes of Logistics process, products, affiliate result and this report will enable to do benchmarking, introduce Best practice and accelerate improvement further.
Lastly, we would like to show some inprovement activity. The first-class Logistics companies in the world. They Logistics data already and have started target control.  In this situation, they implement improvement activity in each product field. For production material, Vehicle loading efficiency up, For Vehicle, carrier car loading efficiency up. finish goods management, less package material. This is good example and we would like to emphasize if you achieve Logistics improvement activity, it becomes Environmental improvement also.
To secure monthly cyclic report process, we follow the schedule like this.
Each affiliate supply monthly data by 10 working days of next month
Each product leader collect data from affiliates
Logistics management Secretariat compile data and issue KPI report to each affiliate by 15th working days.