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Study Methodology of Third Party Logistics

The apply of outsourcing to Third Party Logistics Services has expanded significantly over time as provide chains have grown additional advanced and Third Party Logistics best practices have emerged. To assess these changes, the study team uses 3 channels of analysis.

Study Methodology of 3rd Party LogisticsWeb-based Survey :
During the spring and summer, 1,644 logistics executives in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America passed through the web-based survey. alittle range of executives in different areas like South Africa additionally the} Middle East also responded, though the numbers of responses weren't sufficient for an in-depth analysis or understanding of the complexity of Third Party Logistics environments in those regions. to confirm confidentiality and objectivity, the respondents weren't asked to call that specific Third Party Logistics Providers they used.
Executives were contacted by email. The target respondent usually holds the title of Manager, Director, or vp of Logistics or provide Chain Management during a range of key industries identified below. Those willing to participate within the survey were asked to click an online link that led them to an on-line survey. The survey was out there in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Dutch.
The database of logistics and provide chain executives was expanded to incorporate executives during a big selection of industries, as well as automotive, chemical, construction/building, shopper product, food and beverage, hightech and electronics, industrial manufacturing/defense business, life sciences and healthcare, retail, and telecommunications.
Survey recipients were asked to think about a third party logistics (3PL) provider as an organization that gives one or additional logistics services for its purchasers and customers and a “fourth-party logistics (4PL) provider” of logistics services together which will embody additional advanced logistics outsourcing services than a standard third party logistics normally would supply.

Focus Interviews :
A new feature of the third party logistics study is that the use of “focus interviews” conducted with business observers and consultants, primarily regarding the examination of the special topics that were identified for this year. These focus interviews are exceptionally valuable opportunities to collect pertinent info and views from a good vary of execs who have data concerning the third party logistics sector and therefore the special topics: integrated service offerings, inexperienced provide chain, and provide chain security.