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Logic of Logistics management

The logistics management from the perspective of the company system, is the means by which customer needs are met by coordinating the flow of information and materials that extend from the market by the company to the suppliers.
The achievement of this integration in company management clearly requires a different approach than that typically found in conventional organizations.
 Logic of Logistics management
For example, marketing and production for many years were considered as two quite separate activities within the organization: the best have co-existed, the worst fighting has been opened. In this frame of reference, logistics is essentially a concept of integration that seeks to develop an overall vision and unique enterprise. It 's basically a planning concept that seeks to build a process by which the market needs can be translated to a minimum total cost of a strategy and production plan, which in turn translated into a strategy and plan of supply. Ideally you should follow a business mentality to "one level" plans to replace the conventionally isolated and separate marketing, distribution, manufacturing and supply:
That, in short, is the mission of logistics.

The concept of supply chain, though relatively new, is nothing but an extension of the logic of logistics. The traditional logistics optimization is mainly flows within the enterprise, while the Supply Chain Management recognizes that the integration within the company is not in itself sufficient.