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Minute of Logistics Obeya 2010 by Logistics Planning

Logistics Management Report : about 2009 result not achieve target : main problem from labor cost increasing in long holiday period to support Run Out activity & SPS slat line changing point

External Logistics

Logistics Plannning : Truck cost increase (varied by volume production)
Distance cost decrease by Kaizen activity : re-grouping route spec to reduce trip/day and truck/day moreover increase loading efficiency
Other Kaizen activity : semi tailer

Comment ;

President : Request Logistics Planning to support G/W in case of Order frequency increasing ,the rason to reduce part overflow in G/W plant

General manager : Logistics Planning consider the requirement but explain about the higher cost in external Logistics if Logistics Planning increase order frequency

President : Remind Logistics Planning to consider Safety first during the Semi tailer unloading

Management : Due to trend of next 3 month forecast have a higher cost , How does Logistics Planning action or create activity to support this critical in the future?

Internal Logistics

Assembly Logistics Management : Labor cost not achieve target because non over time production increase depand on Labor rate increase

Kaizen activity : : Accident part management

Comment ;

President : Why Logistics Planning not respond in Gasoline cost at receiving area?

Welding Shop : Labor cost over target!! : Major sub KPI problem is direct labor cost *can not analysis because no man power rotation

Comment ;

Staff : Request Logistics Planning to transfer the new vehicle asset from TAW to G/W

Part Shop : Maintenance cost not achieve target because Part shop have many E-cars,folk lift and trawling truck to maintain in this month

Conclusion ;

Coordinator : Thank all G/W staff for support Logistics Obeya activity , All shop KPI and result  is very clear .However, he need G/W to continue this project for sustainable.

Vice President : Please increase kaizen activity and strengthen control-monitor the result mainly.

President : Request cost section to prepare forecast data in next 3 month and deposit Logistics Obeya staff to expand Logistics obeya project to Jiritsuka project.