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Global Logistics Document follow up

Dear sirs,

Since logistics advanced from Nineteen Fifties, there have been varied researches centered on this space in several applications. as a result of the trend of nationality and globalization in recent decades, the importance of logistics management has been growing in varied areas. For industries, logistics helps to optimize the present production and distribution processes primarily based on a similar resources through management techniques for promoting the potency and competitiveness of enterprises. The key component in an exceedingly logistics chain is transportation system, that joints the separated activities. Transportation occupies 1-3 of the quantity within the Global logistics prices and transportation systems influence the performance of logistics system massively. Transporting is needed within the whole production procedures, from producing to delivery to the ultimate shoppers and returns. solely a decent coordination between every element would bring the advantages to a most.
So I would like to perceive due date between us about Global Logistics document sending. If you already send it in a term of copy paper or by e-mail as a soft file please send the real approval paper to VV Logistics.co again as soon as possible because those both form are not complete document. That mean although we got your Global Logistics idea but we can't finish trial process if the detail in your document without real approval form your and my top management.

Global Logistics Document follow up
Next month later...

This is last warning about Global Logistics document sending. VV Logistics.co already inform you in supplier meeting on 31 Oct’10 and issue deadline timing on 15 Nov’10 to finish this activity. Moreover we cast up you by Supplier communication channel system 2 times last week, but now you do nothing even inform the progressive. If you still delay and not concentrate this activity it will effect with your score awards next month. (VV Logistics postpone deadline to 20 Sep’08)

*Remark : Top five delay supplier ( award was cut off next month)

Best Regards,
VV Logistics.co