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Third Party Logistics Security

Government supply chain security is to stop focusing on terrorism, but 3PL users, the theft of the biggest problems in safety and life. But the changing business environment means that companies should pay more attention to the protection of many possible reasons for the interruption of the supply chain, other security threats, natural disasters, closure of ports, shipping and handling. Users usually with the Third Party Logistics Providers so far satisfied the level of security, 76% called Third Party Logistics Providers secure and very safe. But, again, special security measures in the supply chain from the difference between 3PL users' expectations and the ability to back up the current Third Party Logistics.
3rd Party Logistics Security3PL users believe that the security cooperation between the physical and warnings are the most effective Third Party Logistics to ensure safety. People seem more concerned about the financial and operational mandates compliance with the meeting in order to prevent acts of terrorism. But to evaluate many companies and their 3PL concrete steps and if the security of the vision, fairness and reduce the affects. Perhaps the best part is that the Third Party Logistics and the chain of new security measures that these significant advantages the party back to give the cost and improve the global supply chain.